Here’s to June!

30 May

I’ve honestly been behind on my reading, which tends to be the source of my inspiration.  Nonetheless, my eyes are to the horizon and I know that June is going to be an incredible month.  Here’s to June!

My Potential

25 May

“God’s gift to me is my potential.  My gift back to God is what I do with that potential.”  – John C. Maxwell, Developing the Leader Within You

God has given me a vessel for which to achieve my best:  My potential.

What is potential?  I decided to look it up:

(From Websters Dictionary) Potential – adj – 1 : existing in possibility : capable of development into actuality

In this case, though, the origin of the word says it all. Potential comes from the Latin word potens.

I did an online search for the meaning of the Latin word ‘potens’ and discovered that it means mighty, able, powerful, strong.

How do we know what our potential is?  What am I capable of developing into? That’s a loaded question.  Who can know?

But, as I read the above mentioned quote from John C. Maxwell, it started to make sense to me.  My potential is my life.  I’m not going to know what I can do with it until I do it!  At the end of it, I may have an opportunity to look back on my life.  I might say “I could have done better.”  I don’t want to say that, but I might also say “I did my best.”

I don’t know how much I can possibly achieve in this life, but I can come up with some choices I can make to assure that I do achieve my absolute best.  Believe it or not, we have a certain degree of control over what we can and can’t do with our lives.  For instance:

I will choose not to procrastinate. What I do tomorrow isn’t going to help me reach my goals.  What I do today will!

I will prioritize. What’s more important?  Building my future for myself and my family, or watching “The Simpsons”

I will be a person with a vision. I am going to set goals, and work toward those goals.  I am going to be a directional type of person, who lives a directional kind of life.

I will build relationships. What good is life without being able to share it?

What am I going to do with my life?  Am I going to tend to it, or squander it?  That is a choice we each have to make.  In the end, it’s our decision.  No circumstance can ever take that responsibility away from anyone.  We have the power to choose to transfer our potential from something that exists in possibility, to something that exists in reality!

Some Things to Improve

19 May

Lately, I’ve been learning about leadership.  I always considered myself the ‘leadership type’, and I’ve found myself in leadership positions often.  I just don’t think my people skills are all that great.  Let’s face it – I can be a jerk without knowing it at the time.

So, people skills it is.  Did you know that having negative assumptions about people  cause you to treat those people negatively?  Having the right assumptions is a people skill!  Profound!  I almost always assume negative things about people, namely the students I teach (not all of them).  John C. Maxwell suggests a list of positive assumptions he has with people.  If you want the whole list you are just going to have to buy that book, Developing the Leader Within You.  Here’s two that struck a chord with me:

1.  Assume people want to feel worthwhile.

2.  Assume people need and respond to encouragement.

Now that’s slightly off the spectrum from my typical “assume they are idiots”.

I’ve noticed a change in myself, however, as far as the people in our Prepaid Legal business goes.  I don’t assume negative things about them.  I think we all have the same mission.  We are ‘in it to win it’.  I see us all, somewhere down the road, independently successful, and I smile.

I came across a second issue in my personal-development-quest that really cut to the core of who I used to be.  THE FOLLOWING QUESTION IS CONVICTING: “Am I building people, or am I building my dream and using people to do it?”  Did you know that Andrew Carnegie, at one time, employed forty-three millionaires?  Did you know that it was during a time when a millionaire was rare, and was comparable to having twenty-million dollars currently?    When a reporter asked how he hired so many millionaires Carnegie responded that they weren’t millionaires when he hired them, but became millionaires as a result.  Carnegie was building people, not just using them to build his dreams, and that’s how he was able to become the richest man in America during his time.

So, when I ask myself this question, I’m faced with a difficult thing!  There’s a fine line here!  Being successful in this company is going to require an attitude of selflessness.  Can you imagine that?  A businessman will have to be selfless, others-oriented, and sacrificial in order to be successful. If you’re like me, it’ll take a few moments to really wrap your mind around that statement.  I was raised to think successful businessmen were required to be self-centered, and quite literally evil in order to reap their worldly gain…

And for some, I’m sure they were able to find a way to get rich living that way.  As for me, I’m sold.  I know I’m going to have to be a better person, a selfless person, to make this work.  I am in the business of making dreams come true for others.  That’s my key to success.

The Parable of the Sower

18 May

I heard Jim Rohn explain the parable of the sower in a way I have never really heard it explained before.  Is running a business really as simple as never giving up?

I shouldn’t get discouraged when people say no or when people don’t answer their phones.  Why not?  Because I did my part.  I planted my seed without regard of what soil I was planting in.  I extended the opportunity to everyone and anyone.

This is how I will become successful.  Persistence!

Following Up With People

17 May

I’m going to write only a few sentences to efficiently express my frustration with a certain matter.

Follow ups – people are hard to follow up with.  It’s like they purposely make it impossible to get a hold of them, or are we all just that unlucky?

People are funny.  People are fickle.


13 May

In John C. Maxwell’s book, Developing the Leader Within You, he states that one of the ‘pillars of leadership’ is integrity.

Integrity means that what you say lines up with who you are.  It means that what people see is what they get, and that there is nothing about you that needs to be kept hidden.

Having integrity means that the way people see you is the way you actually are.  Now that’s a novel idea.

I wonder if the man people see in me is the same as the man I actually am.  I know that this is an area I need to work on in my life.

Slow Days

12 May

What do you do when you have a slow day?  You brush it off and make tomorrow great.

I don’t have much to do today other than that.