The Little Things

23 Apr

I just want to reflect, tonight, on the little decisions I’ve made throughout the day.  It’s the decisions we tend to overlook that determine whether time is our friend or our enemy.  So, I want to ask myself, as I make each little decision, if it will work for me or against me when compounded over time.

For instance, after our long drive to Charleston today I was faced with a small decision.   Do I take a handful of chocolates from the counter at the hotel, or an apple?  I chose the apple.

Sure, taking the chocolate won’t hurt me or kill me today.  But, compounded over time, it will be my undoing.  I can go to sleep tonight knowing that time is on my side.  Yes, it is!

Another example:  Do I make that phone call to my old acquaintance to talk about my new business?  Or do I put it off until tomorrow?

I made the call.

It’s true that the more I do this, the easier it becomes.

Michelle and I are on the edge of something big, here.


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