My Vision Statement

3 May

Today is Sunday, May 3rd, 2015.  I open my eyes and see that the time is 8 AM.  I can hear birds.  I get up and fix breakfast for everyone, and get dressed for church.

Our house is a nice, cozy, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home not to far from Laguna Beach.

We have a young child with a bright future ahead.  We can afford to put him (or her) in the best schools.  Preschool is an option for us, but not necessary since we both work from home full time.  I NEVER have to feel that longing to be with my family.  I have that peace of mind;  that knowledge that I will not miss the first steps.  I will not give my child over to be raised by other people because I have to work to support my family.  I will not worry about the financial future of my children.  College will be paid for.  They will be provided with only the best.  Every opportunity will be theirs to take.

We drive to church in a good car.  I don’t even think about the mileage, or getting repairs done.  It’s a non-issue, now.  We have plenty of money in the emergency fund to deal with any car issue that comes our way.

Our relationships at church are very fruitful.  It’s a blessing for us to be able to spend so much time investing in the people we care about.  We serve each week, and before we all head out, I leave a check for 1000 dollars in the box.

I decide it’s a good day to take my family out for dinner.  We invite some friends and relatives as well.  It is my pleasure to pick up the tab.

I have very little stress to deal with.  I’m still getting used to the fact that in the back of my mind there exists no thought of whether or not I will have a job,  reach my goals, or achieve my dreams.

At home I spend time with my family.  We do things together.  I have plenty of time and resources to pursue my art and music.  It’s something I do because I love doing it.

Did I mention we have two dogs?  It’s no problem for us to have two Great Danes.  We can afford to support them in this family.  Vet bills are a non issue.

My family is healthy, secure, and well invested in.  I’m excited that when my child gets older, I’ll be there for everything.  Every show, every ball game, every science fair.  I will not miss a single one.

When one of us gets sick, the other is always home taking care.

I have built a strong relationship with my immediate family as well because I’m able to fly out to see them on a regular basis.  I’ve helped my parents and brothers get out of debt so we can all be together and not have those things to stress over.

I love my life.


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