My Dream List

5 May

“Dreams are not goals, but they are the beginning of goals.” – David Byrd, Achievement
1.  Waterfront home with a large wrap around porch.

2. A music studio in my home

3.  State of the art indoor home theater

4.  Pool

5.  Large yard for grilling/barbecuing/having guests over

6. Guest home on our property for family

7.  Debt free!

8.  1000 a month at least tithing

9.  Help my family with their finances

10.  Send kids to college without having to get financial aid

11.  Afford to send children to good schools

12.  Have 2 or 3 cars in good condition and be able to afford all the regular maintenance

13.  Have enough property to have a couple well bred large breed dogs

14.  Taylor guitars

15.  Have an art studio

16.  Open my own cafe

17.  Have a home library full of excellent books that I head read from cover to cover

18.  Have a home with interior designed rooms to match my vision and personality

19.  Buy my wife a very expensive wedding ring

20.  Visit Ireland

21.  Visit Japan

22.  See all the “Wonders of the World”

23.  Take a long road trip all over the United States

24.  250 dollar dates very week with Michelle.

25.  Bible college in Germany!

26.  Frequent mission trips

27.  Vacation homes near both families

28.  Be able to support all of my missionary friends

29.  Home gym

30.  Lots of nice suits


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