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My Potential

25 May

“God’s gift to me is my potential.  My gift back to God is what I do with that potential.”  – John C. Maxwell, Developing the Leader Within You

God has given me a vessel for which to achieve my best:  My potential.

What is potential?  I decided to look it up:

(From Websters Dictionary) Potential – adj – 1 : existing in possibility : capable of development into actuality

In this case, though, the origin of the word says it all. Potential comes from the Latin word potens.

I did an online search for the meaning of the Latin word ‘potens’ and discovered that it means mighty, able, powerful, strong.

How do we know what our potential is?  What am I capable of developing into? That’s a loaded question.  Who can know?

But, as I read the above mentioned quote from John C. Maxwell, it started to make sense to me.  My potential is my life.  I’m not going to know what I can do with it until I do it!  At the end of it, I may have an opportunity to look back on my life.  I might say “I could have done better.”  I don’t want to say that, but I might also say “I did my best.”

I don’t know how much I can possibly achieve in this life, but I can come up with some choices I can make to assure that I do achieve my absolute best.  Believe it or not, we have a certain degree of control over what we can and can’t do with our lives.  For instance:

I will choose not to procrastinate. What I do tomorrow isn’t going to help me reach my goals.  What I do today will!

I will prioritize. What’s more important?  Building my future for myself and my family, or watching “The Simpsons”

I will be a person with a vision. I am going to set goals, and work toward those goals.  I am going to be a directional type of person, who lives a directional kind of life.

I will build relationships. What good is life without being able to share it?

What am I going to do with my life?  Am I going to tend to it, or squander it?  That is a choice we each have to make.  In the end, it’s our decision.  No circumstance can ever take that responsibility away from anyone.  We have the power to choose to transfer our potential from something that exists in possibility, to something that exists in reality!


Put Through the Fires

27 Apr

It’s the end of the month, and we have goals to reach.  I keep thinking of how daunting they are; how small our chances really are.  I keep thinking of how small the window is for us to reach our goal.  It’s close to insurmountable.

At the same time, our goal could become a reality.  There is a window of opportunity.  It will require me to make myself very uncomfortable – to do things I wouldn’t normally do and are not comfortable doing.  I’m being put through the flame this week.

Regardless of what happens, today is my chance to make the right decisions and do those small things that lead to success.  It’s a liberating feeling to be able to take the helm and get to where you want to go.

My days of sitting around and dreaming of what could be have come and gone.

The Little Things

23 Apr

I just want to reflect, tonight, on the little decisions I’ve made throughout the day.  It’s the decisions we tend to overlook that determine whether time is our friend or our enemy.  So, I want to ask myself, as I make each little decision, if it will work for me or against me when compounded over time.

For instance, after our long drive to Charleston today I was faced with a small decision.   Do I take a handful of chocolates from the counter at the hotel, or an apple?  I chose the apple.

Sure, taking the chocolate won’t hurt me or kill me today.  But, compounded over time, it will be my undoing.  I can go to sleep tonight knowing that time is on my side.  Yes, it is!

Another example:  Do I make that phone call to my old acquaintance to talk about my new business?  Or do I put it off until tomorrow?

I made the call.

It’s true that the more I do this, the easier it becomes.

Michelle and I are on the edge of something big, here.